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SLEEP MEDITATION with Lauren Ostrowski Fenton

Would you like to fall asleep faster, sleep more deeply, and more easily? These GUIDED SLEEP MEDITATIONS and softly spoken talks are suited to adults, parents, children, students, and babies who are looking for help and guidance with achieving a night of deep sound sleep or are looking for comfort, relaxation and soothing. Welcome to Lauren Ostrowski Fenton’s deep sleep guided meditations with positive suggestions for encouraging a restorative, natural healing rest and sleep, together with a peaceful experience of total mind and body relaxation. Fall asleep fast at bedtime with this guided sleep meditation and wake up mindfully clear and focussed ready to face your day. Suitable for all ages, mothers, fathers, children, and babies tailored to help with sleep, insomnia, stress, and relaxation This guided meditation experience is recommended for repeated and ritualized listening. Develop a daily sleep meditation ritualized practice and with regular listening this guided meditation will encourage positive sleep suggestions and positive cognitive sleep patterns. Lauren is a mother of four, podcaster, life coach, writer, meditation teacher & YouTuber

Dec 21, 2015

Episode 62 My beliefs on happiness- taken from my be released so very soon....I will let you know when the pre order date arrives :) Merry Xmas my friends


Quote from my book...


“Here is what I believe


I have touched on some of my ideas about happiness already and we will explore this topic in more depth in the next chapter. What is important for you to know now are some of my beliefs about happiness in general and about your happiness specifically. These beliefs have been distilled in my mind over time. They are the result of hard thinking and hard learning, and they inform my approach to happiness in this book. What I believe is this:


  1. Happiness is a state of mind that you can only feel today, not yesterday nor tomorrow. If you look for happiness in the future, you risk being perpetually unsatisfied, like a donkey forever following an elusive carrot that suspended on a rod from his forehead.

2 Happiness is an individual, subjective experience, which means that only you will know what happiness is for you at your age and stage of life. No one can tell you where to find or how to feel your happiness, because it is yours and yours alone.

3 Happiness requires self acceptance, because it is simply not possible to be happy if you are not happy with who you are. Happiness requires a clear sense of self worth, along with the ongoing development of self acceptance and self awareness.

4 Happiness may be experienced in three ways and these are through sensations of comfort, empathetic relationships or engagement, and meaningful, rewarding goals. These will all be explored in more detail in the chapters that follow.

5 Happiness requires a conscious decision and intentional action, so you need to make the decision to feel happy in spite of, or perhaps inspired by, the events in your life. You also need to commit to acting in certain ways to bring happiness into your life.

6 Happiness takes skill and practice, which is where your rituals come in. “


My name is Lauren Ostrowski Fenton. I am a writer, life coach, meditation teacher, & proud mum of four. I make videos, podcasts, blogs and a book about happiness, fitness, meditation, & wellbeing. I have a Masters degree in counselling and an honors degree in Anthropology( Arts) Monash University

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