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SLEEP MEDITATION with Lauren Ostrowski Fenton

Would you like to fall asleep faster, sleep more deeply, and more easily? These GUIDED SLEEP MEDITATIONS and softly spoken talks are suited to adults, parents, children, students, and babies who are looking for help and guidance with achieving a night of deep sound sleep or are looking for comfort, relaxation and soothing. Welcome to Lauren Ostrowski Fenton’s deep sleep guided meditations with positive suggestions for encouraging a restorative, natural healing rest and sleep, together with a peaceful experience of total mind and body relaxation. Fall asleep fast at bedtime with this guided sleep meditation and wake up mindfully clear and focussed ready to face your day. Suitable for all ages, mothers, fathers, children, and babies tailored to help with sleep, insomnia, stress, and relaxation This guided meditation experience is recommended for repeated and ritualized listening. Develop a daily sleep meditation ritualized practice and with regular listening this guided meditation will encourage positive sleep suggestions and positive cognitive sleep patterns. Lauren is a mother of four, podcaster, life coach, writer, meditation teacher & YouTuber

Apr 28, 2017

Episode 174- Life is unfair - we can be happy anyway

Podcast - Being well with Lauren 


Hi everyone - Well true to my promise I am uploading an episode per week- and these weeks episode is about the relationship between kindness and happiness.  So go and get yourself a cuppa and lets get super comfy for a good...

Apr 20, 2017

Episode 173 Friendship, comfy bed sheets and the meaning of life

Welcome back everyone- yes I am back and here to stay... I will be loading again each week so please pour yourself a hot cuppa and sit down for a chat...oh and please join my mailing list to keep in touch with me and let's walk this journey of...